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What you get:
One hour long video chat lessons on a weekly or bi-weekly basis through Google Hangout.
Completely personalized lessons based on your needs, goals, background, interest, and learning style. Lessons emphasize speaking, comprehension, and pronunciation. Topics include grammar, specific conversational themes, conversation practice, translation, and more!
The ability to practice, make mistakes, ask questions, and learn from home.
Recorded links to re-watch lessons at any time.
Google documents with important words and phrases which arise during lessons, as well as additional reference materials.
Study guides to prepare for verbal exams.
Verbal exams approximately every 6th week, depending on materials covered.
Unlimited email support to ask questions at any time.
Homework of varying duration and difficulty, based on your needs and time commitment. Examples include watching short youtube videos, listening to Spanish music, creating dialogues, creating videos for speaking practice, translations, grammar exercises and real life applications.
Pay through Paypal or Swipe, using your checking account or any major credit card (Rates as low as $28.44 USD per hour long lesson)
The opportunity to learn Latin American Spanish (and/or Castellano from Spain if requested)
A few surprises, too!

Benefits to studying Spanish with me:
A focus on spoken Spanish for adults
Accountability from weekly or bi-weekly video chat lessons.
A resource to ask any question, no matter how silly it might seem.
Confidence in speaking gained by practicing regularly.
A choice in how much homework you will complete for additional enrichment
Flexible scheduling & payment options
Totally personalized lessons for any level, even if you have never studied Spanish before.
Learn real-world Spanish as well as textbook Spanish.
Preparation for any situation in which the ability to communicate in Spanish would be beneficial.
Since lessons are over video chat, you can learn from anywhere you have an Internet connection!

Personalized Spanish Lessons are Ideal for:
Those with no prior Spanish experience (maybe you know 0-10 Spanish words)
Those who took a few Spanish classes in high school and/or college but have not used the language much since then and want to refresh their knowledge
Those who can carry on a basic conversation in Spanish but want to be able to speak more confidently and broaden their conversational skills
Those who have a basic Spanish grammar knowledge but want to work on refining some of the finer points
Those who have been studying Spanish on their own through various means but need conversational practice to continue advancing in their abilities
Those who have future travels planned to Central America, South America, or Spain
Those who live in a Spanish speaking area and would like to be able to communicate better within their community
Those who have Spanish speaking customers or coworkers and want to break the communication barrier and bring more skills to work with them

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