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I'm a songwriter. I've written 2 songs with great potential. These are the first 2 of 12 songs for an album I'm producing.

The first song, Going Around the World, needs the most work. I'm looking for a DJ, a sound engineer, vocalists, and musicians to help me make this song radio/club ready. I will share writing credits and profits with the artists that help me on this project. With the right production, this song could be a hit.

At the present time, the song sounds like a hip hop song; but the lyrics may lend themselves more to a Rock/Alternative song (a Post Malone type song). The song may also work with a lead female vocalist. In particular, I want to add an acoustic guitar intro (followed by an electric guitar as the song progresses and during the bridge) and also some Jazz sax parts.

This second song (for the album I'm producing) needs a funky female vocalist for the chorus sections and the ending. I'm also looking for a DJ to play it at clubs (who could also add some booming bass at certain sections of the song). It's taking off on SoundCloud, help me take it viral!
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